Thursday, July 20


I saw Andrea Yates on court t.v. today. She's gained a lot of weight.

It's unbelievable we live in a society that feels 'compassion' or whatever the liberal it is that we can't just cleanly admit she was caught with her hands in the bath water, so-to-speak. No, we must drag her sad little mental saga through years of costly court dates and mounting legal stuff - I just don't get the debate.

And another thing; why isn't that weasel of a husband charged with something? He knew his wife was mental. He knew she was on the brink of muttering "redrum" and increasingly so after the birth each subsequent child. Why isn't he culpable for the gruesome result of his own denial?

We have a great fascination with CSI shows that deftly reconstruct a murder by the tiniest DNA sample, or the larva 'insitu' which soundly defines guilt. We love the technology and intrigue, and we especially are satisfied with the righteous outcome.

Yet ~ we can't decide the guilt of a woman who admits she did it. We all know she did it. Perhaps our reluctance to condemn a mother who kills her own babies in some distorted way soothes our conscience. We want to "understand". We recognize every mom can get a little blue now and then.

I wonder if her oldest son thought mommy was just "having a bad day" as he fought for his life there in the family bathtub.

Maybe prison food is high calorie or something.