Saturday, July 14

Family Math at Graduation

Five of these belong to me
(James, Robin, Rachel, Asia, Leiland)
(Okay you guys, line up in birth order R~L please - hey!)
(Somebody always has to be the clown...)
(No, c'mon, get serious this time, I mean it!)

Plus these three make life complete.

(Christian & Rachel; the one and ONLY time he wasn't singing the "My Little Ponies" theme)

(See what I mean?)
(Your guess what he's up to here...)
(Trisha & Rachel; bffs)

(Perfectly Pretty: Ray-baby and The Chelster)

Add two of these
(The World's Best Genius Grandchildren MaKenna (3 1/2) & Jack (6) out on a walk with Mimi. They have their own language together and a shared love of pretzels and goldfish.)

("Cheese" would be customary, but okay...)
(Hey MaK, what do you want for later? Some In 'n Out Burger?)
(What the - ?! Leiland in a classic spastic moment)
 (Leiland after composing himself)
 (Baby Bidee: who loves you, baby Junebug?)
 (a brotherly lift)
 (My caboose of the Five)
 (Oh my gosh you guys are Ridiculous...)
(Azlee & Asia reflect the seriousness of this life milestone for Rachel)
 (Island-Love Spencer and his ardent admirers for obvious reasons)
Diploma & a Snickers Lei
(Rachel is pleased, but Jack bagged the better bargain)
(Amanda & Ray, dueling dynamite smiles)
And JOY profound,

Counting blessings all around.

 (We're all making the same face)
All Together Again