Friday, May 4

My Carbon What - ?

So Queen Elizabeth is visiting the former colony of Jamestown today. To demonstrate her environmental acuity, she opted to compensate for her "carbon foot-print" ~ the energy usage/pollution represented by her trans-Atlantic flight yesterday ~ to the tune of $20,000.

Well, cheerio! I can just picture her sitting in Buckingham Palace surrounded by Louis XIV furniture and servants offering tea and crumpets whilst she studied the theoretical concerns of green house gases. Prince Phillip, I imagine, "fresh" from a morning romp on the polo field might have contributed to the discussion; at least as far as it related to pesky pony doody and the accompanying methane risk...

The $20,000 we are told, is going to "various agencies that deal with environmental issues" such as efforts to save the rain forest and the like. The wording in the news report was characteristically nebulous.

You'd think it would have been a much more productive P.R. move on 'Lizzie's part to present a homeless shelter or a children's aids clinic with her royal generosity once she arrived in the States after so many years of ignoring us. On the other hand, she might explain what she's doing with the treasury; is that really her money to feel environmentally guilty about? What in the heck are Brits thinking to be so incredibly indulgent of a defunct monarchy? I'll bet the "carbon foot print" for the pampered royal set is a whopper...seems like there should be genuine and vigorous outrage over that.

What about real issues that effect every day life - no theory, but fact: where's the public outrage for $3+ per gallon gas? Illiteracy? Five hour waits in filthy emergency rooms? Meth addiction and horrific birth-defects? Banishment of play-ground games because they might injure a child's self-esteem? Diamond-studded cat collars?

We have become a society of the ridiculous. Let's put a carbon price tag on STUPID; like our breathless anticipation for the latest celebrity sighting, inane political statement or celebrity 3rd world country adoption. For starters, something like $150,000 per each rehab exit photo, and maybe $250,000 for a shaved head. We could have a rotating duty on a volunteer people's committee allocate the resulting funds flooding in to real causes...

Now we're talkin' relevant carbon.


Bandanamom said...

Cindy - love the Etsy store stuff. Awesome idea. I know a lot people shop on there - sort of like ebay for the artistic/crafty types.

As for Queen it just me, or does it seem super annoying that all day on CNN all I saw were images of her or her at the white house or whatever...aren't there other more relevant things we can watch? I seriously saw 20 minutes in the airport and it was nothing but disecting what Laura was wearing and what the Queen was wearing. We are at war and really this is relevant how???? I mean, okay, I get it, she doesn't grace us with her presence often but....all this "royal watch" coverage seems so ridiculous to me.

CaliZona said...

Yeah - for all our chest-thumping that we broke from the monarchy to champion the rise of the common man, the scrambling to show Lizzie a good time is pretty distasteful.

I turned off the news when they were blathering on about the "WHITE tie" reception (y'know, finally an event you can wear your tiara to...)in her honor.

I've got an idea; Queenie is in AMERICA now, she can don a pair of jeans and go hang dry wall in New Orleans or comfort Kansas right now. But no, we have to copy what "is done" to properly receive royalty.

Think how headlining it would be if she declined the reception and asked instead to be taken somewhere to serve our citizens? Is that just too idealistic? Who is her P.R. guy anyway - what are they thinking?!!!