Thursday, March 13

Drawing in the Air

This is the full moon with an extended exposure and a little movement. It is an image anticipated, but unseen until its glowing dance is retrieved from the camera. Sometimes relationships are like that.

Life is just about perfect
with baby Jack in it. Oh, if only he'd notice ME!

My totally adoring presence still does not illicit the coveted moniker "Mimi", and he does not seem particularly jazzed one way or the other that I am around at all. I, on the other hand, am always thrilled to see him.

I don't notice a special spark in his eye when my smiling face is before him. He doesn't come when called, he is unimpressed with my multiple animal impressions, he does not sit still to hear a story, he is too impatient for more than 2 fun little finger plays at a time and he will not tolerate cuddling. Ever. Well, almost ever. Hurting Jack. Allowing mommy to cuddle in pediatric recovery room after his surgery.

There are indications that some of these conditions are beginning to change. After many months repeating his original Jack word "deet" (cool, oh boy, wow, I like that), now about 22 months old, his English vocabulary is literally snowballing. His physical coordination is uncanny - especially for what a big boy he is. Jack's escalating cognitive skills have suddenly alerted his parents to his ability to locate and engage any and all buttons, switches or knobs.

And just the other day when Grandpa called him - he replied, "I coming..." and he did.

Jack is a genius. (my reading glasses)
Most impressive is Jack's natural bee-line to all things music. He is wired instinctively to respond in a whole body commitment to anything he knows will provide a tune.
Jack is an artist.
A true, kindred spirit of mine ~ Jack loves costumes and props. These are always great accessories to his musical pursuits, as you can see. (Now he's ready to dance)
The organ and piano in the front room are as predictable to a Jack visit as a salt lick to cattle. The computer is another music source, especially for dancing (inspired by busta-move aunties Asia & Rachel). The awesome tambourine and maracas are stuck in a Primary "church bag", so he has forgotten about them for the time being. He has his very own word for guitar, but it doesn't sound like guitar and I can't even imitate it - but he will repeat it over and over with the question-mark upward lilt as he grabs his Grandpa's finger and leads him over to the guitar stand in the corner of the family room. Jack is a star:

Note the guitar pick held aloft; a true rocker move Jack performs with obvious flair.

Jack is a snappy dresser. A very G.Q. Jack makes the social scene -
at Robin's wedding (December 2006). Even back then, his body language is all about getting away from me.

Jack is a water baby.
He doesn't fit into the kitchen sink anymore, but he still loves a good bath more than anything.

Pajama Jack.
After his mommy & daddy & and his papa Johnson ~ THIS is his favorite person.

That's O.K. I can be patient. I will wait as the behind-the-scenes grandma, the invisible entity in the room, she who is not seen but nevertheless anticipated . . . Jack just doesn't know yet how the picture of us together is going to come out. But I do.

Jack is love.
Right now I have the aperture of my heart fully open, as this tiny little sparkling light of a boy rushes from one wonderful, brilliant, growing observation to the next. Being just a small part of his life is magically rewarding. It feels almost like drawing free-style in the air. (Jack testing which colors of Ellie's dog food float) *all of them.


very soon ~
we will be able to sit down together and appreciate the picture of who we are to each other. I think it is a cycle we have all been celebrating for a very long time.


Yaj said...

Let's see, to get him to notice you (coming from me, generationally barren, without grandchildren), hmmm:
1. Read to him stories about: Jack Frost, jackals, jackanapes, jackaroos, jackdaws, jakeens, jack rabbits, Jack Russell terriers (ours is great!), jack-o'-lanterns or a jack-in-the box.
2. Feed him jackfruit, jacket potatos and jack pine nuts in a jac[k]uzzi. This could double as a bath since he likes them so much.
3. Teach him to plug in the phone jack, a jack plug to one of Dave's speakers, use a jackhammer or a jackknife (tricky) and make him a jack of all trades.
If you do any or all those things you might just hit the jackpot. Likely, an M&M or a piece of Bazooka Bubble Gum every time you enter the room would probably wake him up to you too...
Just trying to help. Good luck!!

two forks said...

awh. what a cutie! jack will catch on! (p.s. i hadn't seen some of those pictures!)

Kirk Hays said...

This brought a tear to my sometimes jaded eye. Great post Cindi.

Kirk Hays said...

Cindi, I happen to be signed in as Kirk (we have a family blog and I forgot to sign out) - so this is NOT Kirk, but Lezlee.

Kirk hasn't cried since about 1976 or so.