Friday, May 2

A Jack Kind of Day

Today is sunny & beautiful. It is the kind of day that needs a little boy, some water, and a dog. Here is the little boy: Here is the dog:
And here is the water. Today is definitely a Jack Kind of Day. C'mon!

Today is a good day for pool time. See Jack in the water spouts! Hurry, Jack ~ catch the water in your cup.
Catch the water and pour it out again. You can do it!
Which water spout to choose? They are all beautiful. Jack is very focused. He is a boy thoroughly enjoying his fun, new spouty-pool.
This is an excellent time to have a drink. Look!
Look who is playing with Jack on a Jack Kind of Day! It is Auntie Asia. She is very clever. She is teaching Jack how to put a big, juicy grapefruit inside his cap. Jack is not confused. He knows a good splash weapon when he sees one. Splash, Jack!
Now Jack is confused. He thinks this fly is a bee. Can you see the fly? (It is to the right of Asia's fake henna tattoo she got in Mexico. ¡QuĂ© artistica!) The fly is Jack's friend. He crawls around so gently, so gently on Jack's little arm. When the fly flies away, Jack sweetly says "Bye-bye." Jack is polite.

LOOK! Oh my goodness - what is that? Jack runs to see. He is a curious boy.

It is a big, black carpenter bee! What fun! Wheee! There he goes, Jack!

No, now he is over there...! Jack is a genius. He can track a flying oddity with super-natural honing powers. See Jack's superior attention-locking gaze:
See Jack in point: He has tracked the bee to a hole in a grapefruit tree. Good work, boy!
Speaking of grapefruits ~ Ellie has stolen Jack's water bomb fruit. She will not let him get it. She runs so fast, so fast. She taunts poor Jack by dropping the grapefruit, then racing off with it as soon as he reaches for it. Run, Jack! Run, Ellie!

No worries. Jack has vast and resourceful cognitive skills. His problem-solving frontal lobe suggests a method by which he may easily achieve his purpose...

Jack's game is on top once again.

After a hugely successful picnic lunch, it is a good time for a bath. All clean! Jack is generous. He hugs Grandpa a million times. Maybe a hundred fifty twenty and a half million times.

Oh, Look! A favorite person is home from school. Hello, "Say-chell"! Kisses!

Good-bye, Ellie! Good-bye, Moe! What a fun time. What a fun day! A truly Jack Kind of Day.
Bye-bye, Jack.


Yaj said...

Wow, a day in the life! Enjoy them now! Jack sure knows how to stop and smell the roses, well, grapefruit, and the dog, and the bees, and the henna tattoo... (perfect spot, by the way) and say! was that 'Chel?

Cynthia said...

What a fun Jack Day!