Wednesday, July 16

Saturday Morning

We’re up early ~

almost earlier than when we
get up for school (as a rule)
spilling out of our rooms
and settling-in
for a morning of cartoons,
with our cereal bowls cradled
over-flowing in our laps
each loaded with spoonfuls of
pure, white sugar, perhaps.

Later, it’s “Chiller Theater”
and a whole twisted stream
of black n’ white
toxic-radiation fall-out mutations
on Channel 13
make us scream, or quiver
with Sci-Fi delight.

After a while,
we’ll all go outside -
in a minute, you bet!

But wait -
the concerned family Doctor
hasn’t even noticed
the animated brain tissue pulsating
behind him ~

yet . . . !
*This is the genius of the modern age: the gross availability of sugar-saturated cold cereals and an endless stream of really bad grade B science fiction movies! We were totally wired for the day after a couple of hours of UFO-radio-active creatures ‘du jor’ ushering the civilized world to the brink of disaster. It was Cold War emotional Boot Camp and we were eager enlistees.

We didn't mind the long-shot showing us the cardboard rocket hurtling on a fishing line through the terrifying void. We forgave the awkward swamp-creature shredded rubber suit and the embarrassingly, torpedo-pointy bras on hysterical women. (It was their constant, good-for-nothing screaming, fainting or sell-out trip "I've sprained my ankle and can't go on you'll have to carry me!" that disgusted me). All things considered, I turned my head away or covered my face with my hands along with millions of other American kids; heart-pounding and mind-racing with anxiety perhaps in spite of the truly bad drama.

Static, black and white on a 14" screen was never so delightfully scary! Poorly dubbed Japanese horror films were never so satisfying as on a Saturday morning with a bowl full of Kellogg’s Sugar Frosted Flakes spilling into your lap.

*excerpt from 'Station Wagon Wars'~ growing up in the 60's by cTanner

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Yaj said...

WOW!! Your Saturday morning sounds like my Saturday morning... were you sitting beside my brother and me? And Frosted Flakes was it for sure! With sugar and cinnamon toast - on cheap, not Wonder, white bread? Oh, and Tang orange juice (that's what the astronauts drank, you should remember - that's how my mother got us to drink the stuff...).

By the way, "The Creature" was one of my favorites !! The pulsating brains were okay, I guess, but the underwater, sideways-swimming creature, with the captured woman in tow, seemed to really have his act together. And he had so few lines to have to memorize.

Our cool channel was 5 or 20. We only had five to choose from.