Saturday, September 13

Puzzle Struggle

Some things just cause a gut-reaction. This is so wrong.

As if that isn't bad enough, some people enjoy pressure so much they think something like this is a good idea.Conversely, there are some things which are definitely a "must have" (still in original wrapping).

Bob, here, has figured out how to double his fun.

The 8000 piece puzzle can attractively substitute for flooring.

The 24,000 piecer is obviously suitable for home construction.

Who wouldn't want to accessorize your furnishings a la jigsaw?

School teachers probably buy these.

And these.
This is a creeper puzzle:

When a hobby becomes an obsession:

When a hobby is drug-induced:
When your hobby supersedes your persona:

Finally, the ultimate.

As the youngest in a family mostly married and gone, 14 year old Rachel finds herself sans puzzling assistance most of the time. James was our champion puzzler. His patience and focus was beautiful. He motivated the rest of us to join in. Now Rachel lives in a house with people who fail her communal puzzling ambitions more often than not. She embarked on a solo project that required super-natural tolerance, grit and ironwoman-like determination. It survived multiple catastrophic injuries when we forgot it was on the floor. It survived Baby Jack assuming puzzle pieces are edible, and kickable. It survived a number of hurried transports a top a wobbly board to temporary locations in the house. It was an epic struggle for artistic survival, and triumph.

True, various family members did contribute from time to time ~ but the bulk of the labor was all Rachel. It had become personal.

Froggie understood this, and welcomed the association.

Our amphibian/reptilian puzzling princess.


two forks said...

ha ha go rachel!

Bandanamom said...

I so do not have the patience for this, but admire people who do - but once one gets a puzzle of that size completed, what does one do with it?

Cynthia said...

I didn't realize how big it was in the first picture. That is HUGE! We like to do puzzles, but usually on a special occassion - Christmas evening when all the activities start dying down. Same for after Thanksgiving dinner. Dave is the champion puzzler around here. But, what do you do with them after you've done them? We save a few favorites, but most of them get donated to DI.

Yaj said...

We have a puzzle entitled "The World's Most Difficult Puzzle."

It is 1,000 pieces, all red.

Tell Jack it tastes like chicken...

'L' said...

Rachel should start another big one... I want to help!