Thursday, August 20

Two Poems on a Theme

1. At the Window

Light-bedazzled little girl
perched before the window sill
mimicking the ritual.

Helping hands as time stands still,
in spite
of how quickly she'll be gone ~
and there will be many more windows
to look out upon.

Frozen so, in the white light:
That little girl
(forever mine),
growing up
at the window.

2. Windows

Brilliant white light
streaming in ~
The world outside,
the world

We are all reaching
standing still,
some may backwards tread.

But I am one
who prefers to reach
and believe in

* Inspired by a friend's daughter: Hazel, age 4 ~ cheerfully helping her mommy clean house


Lindsey said...

I love it!!!! This made me cry and it is going in my scrapbook! Thank you, Cindi.

Yaj said...

Those were terrific! You capture many ideas, which is where the genius lays in wait.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I like your poems,
And I like burgundy and gold.