Monday, December 17

Christmas Break is off to a Thrilling Start

The heater is out, cold is in!
The Tanner girls take it on the chin.
They have new down comforters
to cocoon in at night -
But during the day, what a scary sight!

Never mind breakfast of coke and chips -
never mind the pall of bluing lips -
It's cold in our house, Mrs. Li please respond!
There's no telling how long this can go on
before my precious one (languishing so)
is frozen solid in her hoodie repose.


Heidi said...

oh...that doesn't look fun. Sure hope it gets fixed soon!!

Bandanamom said...

Did you guys get it fixed? Is it maybe the pilot light? That's stupid of me. I'm sure you already checked that.

Cynthia said...

Silly Girl -- put some socks on!!!
(Hope it's all fixed by now.)

Anonymous said...

We're always checking pilot lights. This baby had an oil leak and took the guy 2 days to fix (once he showed up).

Asia loves big socks with toes built-in, or super fuzzy ones with frogs or sponge bob on the heels...but for some reason I caught her sans.

It has been 64-66 degrees inside the house for a week; and stays that cold even though it warms up outside.(Like that would ever happen in the summer) I'm so thankful I'm not in Oklahoma right now.