Sunday, August 24

Bat Jack

Walking benignly among us ~ the common ones, is he who is Prince of Batness. Gifted, physically coordinated, articulate and dedicated to an emerging 6th sense reserved only for those who know the mysterious call of Greatness. Observing the refining process is our pleasure, and privilege.

Even the Dark Knight has an inner-child . . .And an itchy ear.

He has a love of picture books.
A fondness for hide-n-seek in the laundry room.Every Super Hero struggles with an inner-rage; it is what compels him to heights of daring and extreme limits of physical performance. A picture of stealth and cunning, the be-stockinged Dark Knightlet calculates his next heroic move.While the trials and foibles of the apprentice Super Hero are exhausting, rewards are very sweet indeed.

In fact, the Bat Jack easily elicits shock and astonishment from those who witness his amazing feats first hand.
Others, knowingly recognize a little of themselves bundled in new, smaller packaging. They envy the cape. Wisely, they speak their longing to no one.
Giggling like little girls, playing photo-booth is always a refreshing break from the pressure of extended family gatherings, even if the Batling is present and willing to perform.

Beautiful boys have beautiful mothers. They carefully follow the exploits of super-offspring. They worry. They encourage. They inspire with a soft, musical voice. They clean-up. They scold ever so gently only when Bat Powers are at their lowest ebb . . .
Bat Dads have strong arms always open to a little batling in need of comfort.

It is not weakness on the part of the young Knight, but a temporary release of energy his delightful metamorphosis requires.

The future of a hapless city anxiously awaits . . .
* The Inner-child Dark Knight, The Batling, Bat Jack
aka Jackson Gabriel Tanner age 27 mo. Bat years = 6 weeks, 2 days


Yaj said...

I almost didn't see him there in front of the... freezer? He's good!

Cynthia said...

awww, i love little boys in capes. It's fun to see their imagination. He is so darn cute. (and I'm sure Christian was longing to wear a superman cape too)