Friday, August 8


Oh, I think I can
I surely think I will!
the handsome little Johnny train
cried out.

But he's just a man
stopped by the Rielle hill,
and a crippling case of self-respect drought.

It should now be O.K.
that he saved the day
by admitting it all to his wife
way back then.

What she can't explain,
is how totally insane
he was to be at that hotel
at 2 AM.


Cynthia said...

Isn't that such a ridiculous and scandalous situation? Crazy.

Yaj said...

More of same...

Bandanamom said...

This is so disheartening and perplexing at the same time. What I just totally will not ever understand is how these guys justify this in their own heads - I mean, what on EARTH are they thinking? I know people have affairs all the time, I get that. I don't agree with it, obviously, but I get it. But what I totally do not get is how does a politician think they are going to get away with this. I suppose over time we often forgive such things (McCain being an example of that I suppose in a way) - but to be in the middle of knowing you are going to be running for office and start an affair? I don't get it. Do they think they really won't be caught? Is it some kind of crazy self-sabotage? What is it?

To me, when the whole Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky thing came out, I was just so mad about it I could strangled him. It was so irritating.

With Edwards (who I always really liked) I am just too jaded to even really be surprised anymore. Sadly.

But I would still really like to understand what the thinking is!

CaliZona said...

I liked Edwards, too. I think a lot of American empathy went out to that couple because of their son they lost, her illness, their openess about spiritual healing, and truly his undeniable boyish charm. He seemed refreshingly genuine - however, now all we are hearing from his growling constituents is that he was ALWAYS "an arrogant s.o.b.". How the tide will turn.

As for McCain's "indiscretion" which ended his first marriage as he married his rich mistress - try finding anything juicy about that online. What little there is shockingly (and suspiciously) brief. I see 3 scenarios: 1) His first wife is determined to remain private and McCain is only too grateful to her for that, 2) First wife is the most Christian woman on the planet and really has nothing to say or 3) How much money has Cindy's fortune pumped into keeping everything air-tight?

I have never been able to even find a photo of the first wife.