Wednesday, October 8

Cyberspace Validation

An extended cousin in London e-mailed me today with startling news: "Was that you?" he wrote. "...I came across a very moving letter from an LDS woman with your own name. If so, bravo." He was referring to Feminest Camille Paglia's online column, and MY comment posted there.

Here is my write-in, on page 3 following Paula Cook from Dayton, Virginia. Paglia's original article which prompted my letter is here.

Silly me. There was never even the slightest hint in my brain that 1) the author would actually read my e-mail, 2) it would be posted online, and 3) she would personally respond.

Thanks, Camille!


Yaj said...

That was a great response Miss C-Z.

But, as you know, people who do, not talk, are dismissed by people who talk and not do...

Bandanamom said...

I am surprised that Camille Paglia responded as well, but what a nice response. You did a good job articulating something that many women feel, but which is consistently under-represented.

Many women, though perhaps mormon women particularly, feel this very odd relationship with "feminism". It's one of the reasons I enjoy reading -

Maybe it ultimately shouldn't matter that Camille personally responded but I should think it would be incredibly validating.

Heidi said...

Cool. You do articulate yourself well. Kinda funny that you accidentally found out that it was published and answered :)

Cynthia said...

That is really cool. I always wonder if a letter or a comment would even be read or noticed. How great that yours was, and published.

the guitarist from hell said...

You will forever be known as the "Great Articulator".