Wednesday, October 22

Full of Himself

There's only one thing more universal than the language of love...a good laugh. A cheap novelty product has been launched from complete obscurity to star status because Le Pouty President lacks a pithy comeback.

The intrepid French President is positively steaming about this little voodoo doll fashioned in his likeness. He was pretty upset about his former chief of police spreading titillating gossip of the Sarkozy private party life, too, and is suing him big time. But that was yesterday. Today it's all about the doll. And the pins, I presume.

The emotional Presidential quotes printed on the doll are not in dispute. Nor is the realistic rendering of the famous face floating detached above a modest black body suit. Nick clearly takes offense that his image is used at all. It's sounding very commercial as his attorney sputters, "... he has exclusive and absolute rights over his own image!" Well, la-tee-da.

Sark! Put a pin in yourself, s'il vous plait; it's funny. In case you didn't know, voodoo isn't real. You will be O.K. You should have learned something from the whole 'let them eat cake' incident a while back. Seriously!

Oh! And at your next press conference, rub your neck or your shoulder and mention a sharp, pricking sensation that is nagging you. Allow for a pregnant pause, then smile knowingly directly into the camera. Trust me. It will make up for a lot of partisan carping from the little people.


Yaj said...

Is that what it means when I get pins and needles in my feet?

CaliZona said...

Yaj, yaj, yaj. ONLY if you have a personal voodoo doll - geez. Didn't you read?

Yaj said...

Sí, me reado.

We caught some carp on our Boy Scout camp out a couple of weeks ago. The
Scouts are little people... seems to me they called it fishing, though, not carping, and they used a curvy kind of needle.