Monday, December 15

How To Carve a JACK o'Lantern & other interesting pursuits

The Daddy demonstrates proper technique. It is very important to proceed with only the best equipment on hand. A sharp blade goes a long way.

It is also helpful to prepare for any eventuality. (Participants are situated in the kitchen, where food and juice are readily available). And at least one assailant is wearing combat fatigues.
After initial excursion through the epithelial,
gross-out is often an immediate reaction.

Extraction of the superficial and basal flesh is achieved only with careful and focused exertion.
A pumpkin-load of reproductive organs are a pesky, sticky, and fascinating hindrance.

Third: The cavity finally excavated, some element of success is perceived though not completely understood.
Fourth: Replacing the skull-cap is second only to the joy of wearing the fresh splatter-pattern on your face.
Pumpkin-lust now fully awakened, the subject is thoroughly committed to the slaughter of an even larger, more formidible specimen.
A traditional follow-up to the carving operation involves indulging innocent children's fantasies with colorful, cute costumes of recognizable and beloved characters from classic children's literature or young children's entertainment entities.

One's backpack should always have the necessities, as - well, you can see here.

Always high on the list of seasonal delights, is a visit to the petting zoo.

Jack is thrilled with the tactile experience of clutching a squirming, squealing piglet. The fact that his beautiful mommy is likewise clutching him is a precious irony completely lost on him.

A literal blue Bucket o'Chicks is probably the best of the best in a full day's agenda. (Get a load of the pansy-fireman get up - sheeesh. That poor kid is almost as embarrassed to be seen in public as the girl in the sissy Snow White outfit held in her dada's arms to the left...)

Failing to provide the Sleep Disorders Clinic with any reliable data, JACK concludes a long day's tutorial with nothing less than cosmic aplomb.

Nite-nite, Jack.

*this post is the result of a surprise photo folder I somehow missed viewing when the action was current!



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Naval Langa

Cynthia said...

awww. He is so darn cute!

Yaj said...

You still doing pumpkins out there?

Here we have since graduated to turkeys and now snowmen and decorated trees.

My reaction to epithelial penetration is the same as Jack's. And my mommy had to clutch me when I was around pigs too. I'll bet that was often.

Yaj said...

Jack has a Bucket O' Chicks?

Is that "money for nothing, your chicks for free?"

'L' said...

NICE - What a cute little kid