Tuesday, December 30

Anthropological Motherhood: How to Conduct Organized Chaos

Day One: (Jack & Bidee)
1. Invite Children to a family slumber party on Christmas Eve. The Anticipation is palpable.
(Leiland & Mr. C)
In fact, feelings run so high, the infamous Booty Dance erupts without warning.
(Booty-Asia & Booty Jack)
For others, the slightest upturn of a modest smile speaks volumes of screaming, festive joy ~ on the inside.
(James & his own cartoon logo customized hat)
2. Allow for technical prep. Brand new ultra-thin cameras in working order. Batteries charged. Automatic focus. Nanas & Papa back home waiting for holiday pictures. Check.
(Trigger-happy Trisha)
3. Feel the thrill witnessing the 2 1/2 year old cousin meeting his 4 week old cousin and holding her for the first time. Listen with glee to his spontaneous celebratory song of 'Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star' repeated endlessly.
Feel hearts bursting with joy
(Ray Baby & Bidee)
as Jack and Baby Mak bask in his sweet crooning ~ and time as we know it in the universe stops.
4. Begin displaying fave foodstuffs registered in advance by each of the adult children and spouses. Feel satisfaction the veggie tray is the most popular attraction.
(photo = pre cheese ball & crackers)

Homemade Chex-Mix just like Granny used to make courtesy of Chef Bi.

5. Admire Leiland's version of the Heisman Trophy pose. Apparently it is an Alpha male challenge posture intended to intimidate the competition.
6. Stand back and give the big boys plenty of room as they begin probably the most competitive hours long round of wii Mario Kart in the civilized world.
(Christian in the zone...)
See Jack feel happily included with the controller that is not plugged-in.
Sportsmanship always a plus; when deserved - high-fives all around.
7. Get Ready for Santa.

Day Two: Christmas Morning
1. Be prepared for anything. Wow! Look what Santa left under the tree!
Raise your hand if you want to open your present . . . ! On your mark, get set . . .

2. Encourage good manners. Showing appreciation for the thoughtfully given gift is just plain good-manners.
Some people are incredibly appreciative. "Prego!"

4. Provide homemade gifts whenever possible. Jack is obviously over-whelmed with his new big boy quilt. Thank you, Mimi!
Some gifts are so apropos they actually magnify one's alter personality. Thank you, Auntie Asia. Now Gotham can rest easy.

(super cool bat utility belt below the bicep pose)
MaKenna is dwarfed by her new non-pink quilt.

(first Christmas as a family of 3)
5. Accept the post-gift opening disaster zone.

(Jack re-programing our hard drive in the background)
6. Embrace the Christmas afternoon puzzle coalition.
7. Provide respite under the tree for sleepy revelers.
8. Manipulate the crowd to be all in one place at one time looking happy.

Christmas 2008 ~ Phoenix, Arizona


Cynthia said...

You made that quilt?? Very awesome! Looks like you had a marvelous holiday.
That picture of your two grandbabies - priceless. I was almost worried you had no pictures of you, but you came through in the end with that last photo. How fun to all be together!

Yaj said...

Wow, two types of booty --

On the dance floor...

Under the tree...

No pirates though. Oh, that booty got buried in North Carolina.

Yaj said...

P.s. Terrific family photo!

two forks said...

i totally should have put mak in my carry on!!!!

rachel said...

That looks like a FANTASTIC Christmas!! Your grandchildren are SOOO cute!!