Friday, May 22


There are welcome surprises in life. The grandly unexpected, in which normal time stops because the surprise is so basic and wonderful, and that which is hugely inconvenient to most, but might actually be appreciated by a few.

There are things that naturally evoke an instant recognition of what is truly worthwhile.

Waiting patiently for our turn, or using our time creatively while waiting ~ is not surprisingly what makes us human.

For the simple sake of fun, we can go to extremes to achieve it.

It may also require some explanation... and is often more fun in company of the like-minded.

Being alone has its advantages. There is power in the quiet opportunity for mental reflection, or preparation.

There are few surprises in being the same. We do not thrive in sameness, it is not a natural state of being; sadly, we are usually compelled into it by forces which desire us to be less than human.

There is no growth in the debilitating labor of repetition,
but only in being allowed the freedom to blossom.

There is much of serenity in traditional relationships, and predictable corruption in conflict.

But passion is also part of the human experience.

We struggle with the morbid attraction of viewing suffering and the agony of being helpless to relieve it.

We are very small next to the natural backdrop, and we are too easily dissatisfied with what is natural and eternally beautiful.

We place an inordinate value on the amusement of pop culture and its meaninglessness, or the comfort (and the luxury) of its silliness.

Thankfully, we still admire the kind gesture, a helpful friend, a little unexpected formality, a safe place.

So much of life is needlessly like waiting in the wings; waiting for something better, for something to change, for something to happen...

The biggest surprise of all is that we are still learning who we are and what we are actually capable of.

And this was quite unexpected.


Cynthia said...

How did you collect so many cool photos? Loved them. (especially family ones)

two forks said...

what happened to rachel's fingers!?

the guitarist from hell said...
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Yaj said...

Alma 37: 6 and 7