Monday, January 14


The milk bottles were all cold

and sweaty

nested in their wire basket

outside the front door.

Funny, how it seemed perfectly


that milk appeared without asking

whenever I wanted more.

*Danny and I used to try and get treats like chocolate milk and fruit-at-the-bottom yogurt added to the weekly milk delivery by leaving our milkman notes in our mom’s forged handwriting. I had no thought in my head that we were paying for his services. It just seemed awfully nice of him to get up so early in the morning before anyone else was awake and make his rounds in his refrigerated white milk truck and crisp white uniform.

When mama got the bill - that was the end of ‘specialty’ orders.

~ from 'Station Wagon Wars' ~ growing up in the 60's by cTanner


Cynthia said...

Milk delivered to your porch seems so old fashioned. But we got some magically delivered right to our door also. We did have a grocery store in town and shopped there every week. Why couldn't we buy milk with the rest of our groceries? I don't really know.

Heidi said...

How funny. My parents still get their milk delivered...I never thought to place special orders :