Tuesday, January 1

Sweet Dreams

Deep in the dead of night

rocking the house

from ceiling to floor,

boogie men all take flight -

when Papa begins to snore.

*I have never understood people who complain about their partner snoring. To think - some unappreciated individuals actually submit to uncomfortable nose strips, gagging oral appliances or endure surgery in an attempt to “correct” a God-given gift! For a little kid who was afraid of tree branches scratching up against my bedroom window at night and the proverbial monster under the bed - nothing in the world was more comforting than to hear that familiar, rhythmic rumble from my parent’s bedroom to confirm in a powerful way that papa was home ~ and we were safe.

Somehow the fact that he was obviously sound asleep never occurred to me as a drawback in matters of self-defense.

*from 'Station Wagon Wars' ~ growing up in the '60's by cTanner

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