Monday, June 2

Group Effort

Rachel's big day as a graduate of 8th grade has come and gone.She and cutie classmate Alicia revel in the moment.

Leiland & Chelsey gasp in awe and delight.

Jack is obviously impressed.

After a free celebratory gourmet chocolate chip cookie, Jack was more impressed.
Thanks to big sister Bi ("Bee") for acute fashion-sense and dress selection during a very fun shopping with sisters day!

Thanks to Asia's friend Tara for the great camera phone photo of creeper-Asia peering under the dressing room door unnecessarily alarming other shoppers!

Thanks to big sister Asia for finding the earrings & applying makeup wizardry & for the truly amazing, ear-splitting eagle screech at precisely the right moment!

Thanks to mom for altering what was once strapless to otherwise, & for the free hair styling!

Thanks to big brothers James & Leiland and wives bringing congratulations, gifts and kisses!

Thanks to dad for the flowers & a big steak dinner everyone else enjoyed while Rachel went to the dance!

It seems in our day we had a cupcake in class the last day of school and maybe a new dress...
I had the impression the principal was happy to see us go rather than spouting platitudes about our "flight into the world" as if we had all just collectively achieved the Nobel Prize. This is perhaps a culture study for another day.

Fly, Rachel ~ fly.


Yaj said...

Let's see, my last day of 8th grade... I think I was told to go immediately to the barber for my summer crew cut* (rode my bike), and from there to the pool (rode my bike) and from there back home (rode my bike), but was allowed to be late to dinner because I got to stay at the pool until 7!! To quote William Wallace - Freeeedooom!! I had an early baseball game the next day (I would ride my bike there, too), after my paper route (no bike, used a wagon and a shoulder bag), so I had to get to bed early.

Big congrats to Rachel! So, commence doing something willya!? And to Asia - hey, what can I say, great pose, great peek-a-boo, and well, I think I have a new occupational goal! Do you think it would creep out the other patrons if I crawl and look under the booth like that?

* Does that count as a special final day hairdoo?

two forks said...

yeah ray! i'm very happy she had my good fashion sense and not my horrible former hair fashion sense... you remember the haircuts!

p.s. amazing dress and hair work!

Cynthia said...

Hey Miss Rachel,
Love Love Love the dress and the hair and the makeup and the jewelry and probably the shoes if I could have seen them, and the smile and the charm. You are amazing (but you know that already, right?)

the guitarist from hell said...

Man, those are some great pictures!!