Wednesday, June 11

Saying Good-bye

A funeral is one of life's bitter-sweet experiences. We take our places. We pay our respects.

In our case, we sing. We sang full-voice for our little Granny.

We said good-bye.

We have our own thoughts and feelings about this person who is no longer with us.

We document our remaining extended family members with a multitude of cameras ~ where the sadness gives way to the happiness of greeting each other; many of whom (regrettably) we have not seen for many years.

We tried to gather all the cousins together ~ which proved an impossible task. Some family members in fact objected forcefully.

Robin said there should be a funeral planner like there is a wedding planner; then everyone would be in the picture, and someone else would be going to KFC for the bulk order of box lunches.

It was striking to see strong family resemblances, and the beauty of each one.

Accompanying Death is always a burst of Life.

Some cousin bonds are like sister-blood, and will remain so forever.

Cousins that were always paired together because of age, are now holding their own cousins of the next generation.

We, officially juxtaposed now with this burial as The Parent generation, are quickly evolving into just a shadow behind their lives. No longer creating or providing their world, but observing ~ standing to one side and feeling joy in their autonomy.

A flag snapping loudly in the ever present dry, Little Colorado River plateau wind speaks a language that is understood by the generation who still requires intervention.

Saying good-bye.

Until we meet again.

* Jessie Maxine Morgan Tanner Sept. 1, 1925 ~ May 31, 2008


Cynthia said...

There really are a lot of emotions at a funeral - so many good ones because of family and friends reunited. It's too bad that many of our family gatherings have to be at a funeral, yet glad that we are all together there too.

Yaj said...

You are a journalist.

It is uncanny how family traditions are so similar in so many respects. You just identified my family to a T. Different faces, same relationship dynamics...