Wednesday, January 7

Thinking Outside the Little Brown Bag

Thank goodness a tiny segment of society thinks differently than the rest of us. I mean, really differently. These are the few, the proud, the gifted - who encounter a problem and wholly dedicate themselves to discovering a logical, scientifically supported solution to it.

The miracle age of antibiotics has blessed us with obvious rewards. However, clever little micro-organisms mutate with each dose of countering antibiotic. Increasingly so they develop into deadly superbugs – strains that are resistant to antibiotics. That is old news. Here is the New news:

Flora & Fauna

When the "microbiome'' of our mysterious bacterial ecosystem inside the digestive tract loses the proper balance of normal flora and fauna (after an antibiotic series), an invitation to “the beast”

is issued. A nasty, toxic bacterium identified as C. difficile can move in and play Animal House in your system for a very long time (one patient suffered something like 20 episodes of severe diarrhea a day for a year), and can definitely be lethal.

The Thinker: Fortunately, a great thinker among us has proposed and is achieving an astonishing 90% success rate with a delightfully natural yet totally scientific solution. Danish gastroenterologist Dr. Johannes Aas has humbly pioneered the healing art of The Stool Transplant. Once ridiculed by his colleagues, the technique speaks for itself - often generating an instant cure.

The curious may read fascinating procedural details here. An intriguing phone interview with the good Doctor is documented here. This reading will also answer three of my own searching questions:

1) How does one even think of this in the first place, and

2) What is a probiotic and why should I care

and finally,

3) Who would be a Donor?

Turns out lots of people think about this topic - well, very generally speaking, that is. Personal observation and a quick Google search leads me to assume it’s a guy thing, and the majority of the more ardent devotees definitely must be Korean.

(Read about this unique Korean


Anonymous said...

Poop is my favorite topic. I am attending a symposium in February to discuss the merits of that very procedure--what a coincidence.

two forks said...

wow you beat christian to it... he was about to devote a post to how much he hates poop but i forbade him.

Cynthia said...

The toilet shaped house "will be ready to receive visitors next month". . . . ??? ewww?
You are right, how does this topic even begin to stew in a person's thinking process?

Yaj said...

There is a tiny segment of the millions of South American "super bugs" that I can tell you, well, it-c. difficile to get rid of once you have it!

That one fellow's super episode with, well, the super episode, brought back some fond memories! At least in NORTH America we have T.P! There certain two-year South American visitors often have to choose between various Church brochures, but that is a somewhat different story.

I have to wonder -- is that the good doctor's REAL name, or just a kind of medical field "pen name..?"
Is his cousin Luigi the inventor of the Sofass Italian-brand T.P? I was given a roll of that as a gift once and I can tell you, it is supremo!

And as to that SUPER building, geez, who wouldn't want to go there to correct one's SUPER bug!

You aren't going to believe this, but the anti-spam word I am asked to type in the box below is "eybactis." Karma?

Yaj said...

Oh, I translated the Koren sign. It reads: "Be polite! Greet over not under."

Future plans for the aforementioned Superbuilding include a circular, multi-tiered parking garage designed to look, from the air, like a complementary roll of... well, like an architectural complement. It's purposely located on the approach to the airport, and that way visitor's to this country will know it is not third world.