Wednesday, February 18

Is There an Artiste in the House?

Feast your eyes on this little gem:

Is it an impressively expensive, custom piece
from some posh little boutique in Santa Fe or La Jolla?


Is it, you say ~ a charming treasure snatched up from an elite Palm Springs dead movie star estate sale?

No, it is not.

Is it a long, lost item from Frida Kahlo's forgotten seaside vacation home?

Que lástima.

Is it a trendy cabinet by an up-and-coming contemporary ethnic artist offered at a high-society silent auction?


But it is a deliciously sensational find by a Phoenix registered nurse who, in a moment of genius pressured the antique shop to meet her price with a smile, and then gloriously hand-painted by the same with common craft acrylics in a little longer moment of more genius. While it is true the design is not original, her execution of it far surpasses the grossly over-priced version she spied at the shop which first inspired her fit of marvelous creativity. I know, because I saw it. The swirly knobs are to die-for.

(I'd like to see what she does when suturing a cut or wrapping a sprain). Well done, my friend Cathy Mitchell, R. N. extraordinaire!


Yaj said...


Not much that could not be done on! Methinks she has a niche there...

Go for it, Cathy, R.N.

Cynthia said...

oh my gosh! I LOVE it!

Lindsey said...

So cute! I want one.

Lindsey said...

By the way- what an inopportune moment for our phone conversation to get cut short! I was NOT trying to boast about what fantastic singers we are! Well- I kind of was.....but in a "We blend well together and I'm excited!" kind of way.