Sunday, February 1

Hide and Seek

Sometimes Life feels a little like Hide 'n Seek ~ you never know what might be around the corner, but we have Faith it will be worth the count-down.

We prepare for the day with an awareness of what's out there.

We keep our eyes open for daily lessons learned, and surprises enjoyed.

We are shod with the power of our personal convictions, which guide us & protect us in our walk through life.
Taking time out for reflection is always nurturing . . . and it keeps us humble.

The view of the world at times can be a little scary; but we try not to let our fear over-come our desire to grow.
Conflicts require our focus and resolve. We eventually learn a key to survival: patience.

And when it's just too much, a good cry can be cleansing.

can prop us up.

Joy is kin to Hope. It lifts us, and reminds us of our better nature. For some, it is a natural response. For others, it comes as a gentle, latent assurance of what we had in us somewhere - after all.

Love is an outward expression of that inward Joy.

Love is a life force we often take for granted.

We should seek it as if we were gasping for air. We should hold onto it as if it meant everything in the world.

It seems a simple thing to perform life's necessary rituals.

But we sometimes forget how truly simple they are, and consider them just the opposite.

Our obligations to ritual and the mundane are just so many drops in the bucket. Even they are required to fill the bucket eventually, which then is the means by which we wash ourselves and immerse ourselves in the reality of Life. Nothing worthwhile was ever accomplished while ignoring the little things.

We don't want to forget the thrill of a peanut-butter sandwich. It needn't be ordinary. It can be so much more. Sharing with a friend, dressing for the occasion, and just making a picnic of our simple things is probably a wise policy.

We dream.

It shouldn't be startling in the least that some of our dreams are silly or awkward or utterly meaningless.

What matters is that we can.

Dreams are only undefined until we grasp them, and create a means by which to open them up. This is hard work.

And it is not always successful.

But the more we are willing to work on our dreams, the more open we are to seeing possibilities that were just around the corner; only, we didn't know it yet.

We are often drawn to beautiful things.

Our instinct to look forward has everything to do with our success in Life, and as a person.Our best sympathies, our best moments of generosity and caring for others ~
show what we are made of.

Stepping out into Life with a confidence Heaven saw in us since the very Beginning is a gift we all have as children; and some how lose later as we begin to doubt ourselves.

I can think of only one place one might walk with satin shoes. Sacred places are a full-circle of what we once were, and where we are going.


Cynthia said...

Oh my gosh - are those the cutest picures EVER???
And very nice commentary too. I'll bet you are a fun grandma.

Yaj said...

A parable here, a parable there, and soon you are going to have something kindred to pass on to them when they get older...

Heidi said...

What sweeties. Seriously, they are so precious.

Leiland said...

What a cute baby

two forks said...

i don't want to grow up!

Lindsey said...

Man- those are some cute kiddos! Hope you don't mind if I checked out your blog! I LOVE it. You are a funny, intelligent and witty lady. I have a feeling I will be back for more! :)

Anonymous said...

Seriously, those are some great pictures!!