Tuesday, March 10

Fooleman Suleman

Nadya, O Nadya ~
so darn sick o' ya

No other
is quite as

The perennially pouty face
& fumbling p. r. race
is a macabre and tawdry

You've abused your mom
and from taxpayers drawn
only to satisfy

Who'd a thunk
an in-vitro slam-dunk
would also slam ethics
completely back shelf?

Still no one admits
you're mentally
or that you've grossly augmented
disclaimer: this post should be viewed as a reflection of legitimate public perception of an individual who has injected herself as a public exhibit for the purpose of personal gain in addition to unknown reasons, and not as fuel for accusations of the author's "unchristian" opinion or lack of spiritual compassion. For example, I sincerely pray she is awarded psychiatric treatment and her children given the divine intervention of living with someone else.


Lindsey said...

HA! and HA! to your comment on my blog. A loud, sarcastic HA! ;)

Yaj said...

I didn't know who you were referring to until I saw the Octomom tag at the bottom! I don't pay much attention to the pop news - I did not know her name, but had heard the Octomom word.

Just another in the endless parade of human debris the media wants to foist upon us all. It is a top --> down problem... Maybe she can pop into a number of pop culture TV shows and be analyzed by many of the pop psychiatrists who pop many questions about how she was able to pop out eight children while, no doubt, she was drinking a pop or eating popcicles or popcorn...

You sure the lips are the only "augmentation?"

I REALLY like the disclaimer!

Yaj said...

You should know, I heard the "Octomom" moniker on ESPN radio. They were joking about her, as if she was some joke.

Hey, wait a minute... I get it now.