Thursday, March 12

Why 3rd World Countries Hate Us: (Sign up here to be an idiot)

Genius walks among us! Down with downward economics! We can all rest easier thanks to the strategic wizardry of the blessed few whose magnanimous example of thrift and frugality staggers the mind. While personally unimpressed with a habit of scrounging bagel scraps from her kid's plates for later use as "pizza toppings" (why didn't Domino's think of that?), we should be completely exhilarated by one woman's assertion that she dresses her daughters (ages 2 and 3) with hand-me-downs! For a real frugality shake-down; check out the amazing lifestyle of she who is crowned "The Most Frugal New Englander". (Keep in mind this honor was a contest win!)

Other incredible feats of derring-do offered by 'them what know' include:

1. making a shopping list
2. clipping coupons
3. shopping at Walmart

4. drying the family wash on a clothes line

5. saving frosting containers for desk & bathroom organizers

6. still wearing maternity clothes when no longer preggers

7. drying your hair by hanging your head over a fan

8. using vinegar for fabric softener

9. encouraging teens to find designer jeans at thrift stores

10. homemade laundry detergent

11. cooking homemade meals ahead & freezing them

12. taking kids to free events
13. buy used children's toys or shop on Craig's List
14. make your own baby food (can you do that?!)

As if these weren't electric enough, now the stunner of all stunners -

"...If you've read all the books in your local library, sign up for inter-loans. This is where you can borrow books from other libraries for free."

(I've returned to the keyboard after a brief gag of euphoric shock - talk about a challenge! I'm almost done reading ALL the books in my local library.)

Time does not permit referencing all the glorious penny-pincher advice out there, however, I trust you are as thankful as I am to finally be aware of just a few little life-saving gems on how to save money and resources. Wow! And to think ~ I was going to make frosting from scratch . . .

Seriously; couldn't you just barf? I mean, in a frugal way, of course. How is it that most of us grew up doing these things, many of us lived this way the whole time we were raising young children, and there really are some of us out there who still do this - so who are these people getting the sudden rocket-science revelation? More importantly; how can we punish entities that are rewarding them for making these unbelievably insulting lists? I can only hope that Mrs. "Most Frugal New Englander" for First Prize was given an old tire and some rope so her children could finally play in their own back yard - - - for free!!!

* photoes kurtesy of 'America's Next Top Model'


Cynthia said...

Hand-me-downs? What is this concept of which you speak??
Actally, I don't think my kids were aware that clothes came from a store until they were 8 years old.

Yaj said...

Why would anyone NOT make frosting from scratch? Sheesh...

Totally chauvinist post. I do all those things, well, except 5*, 6 and, since I am not a teen, 9. I do 9, but not as a teen. I do 10 now and then.

Making this from scratch, of course I ain't got none of dem dere containers... sheesh! My best -- chocolate butter cream. Served with cake from scratch too...

Oh, and I think Robin Hood would have called it "derring-do." IMHO

Yaj said...

P.s. There should have been a * before the word "Making..." Sorry.

CaliZona said...

Brilliant, Yaj! No slight to Sir Hood intended (wasn't he knighted?). Ye old post has been amended, with my thanks.

Lindsey said...

This list is going to change. my. life. I can't tell you how much I appreciate these tips. Making a shopping list!? Who would've thunk it!?

I really don't get the Top Model pics, though? Just a little extra stupid?????

Lindsey said...

WAIT! I didn't realize that she saves 50% of her income. That makes me laugh even harder. But I guess we can all applaud her for learning how to "pinch pennies" when she doesn't even have to.

CaliZona said...

BINGO, Lindsey! I know I am really old, and you are young & our generations are different, but YES; the Top Model shots are intended to tantalize the stupid-meter.

Originally I was looking for Paris Hilton or Pamela Anderson - but they frightened me.

Yaj said...

I don't think Robin Hood was real, but taking, as he was, illegally-confiscated taxes back from the government to return to the "payers" likely was not an act that they would consider for knightification.

But he SHOULD have been!