Friday, March 27

God's Report Card: Part One

If we could give God a report card, this might be a nice start:
Earth & Space Sciences
ESS Erosion 876: The Colorado Plateau
~ Sedona, AZ ~ A+
Ordained former inland sea deposits ingeniously uplifted over time to now exhibit beautifully accessible layers of sedimentary (fossil-rich) history in classic red sandstone, and conveniently capped by lighter colored limestone.

Presentation: Surrounded by what is now high desert at around 4,500 feet above sea level, this geological anomaly is not only preserved for our enjoyment, but is much easier to reach out and touch than her famous sister, the Grand Canyon. Well done!
GEOMETRY: Symmetry ~ A +
Complex data easily interpreted and practically applied. Superior skill and knowledge of subject consistently and delightfully demonstrated in situ.

Physical Science/Work Habits ~ A +
Iron-laced sand presents a very comfortable and colorful trail. Collaborative ability in directing the sedimentary process reflects positive leadership, critical thinking and stunning forethought; life-skill of patience deserves Exceptional Merit.

ART: Achieving Contrast
Effortlessly juxtaposes divergent lines and forms to present a composite whole which is both engaging and inspiring. Not distracted by excessive design; renders simplistic themes with extraordinary richness.

and Texture ~ A+
Expresses a respect for life forms in varying stages of propagation or decay; often combining elements of opposing vitality expertly and without reservation.

Fluency & Creative Expression ~ A +
Excellent mastery of color, depth and composition. Exceptional attention to delicate, seasonal detail noted.

Horticulture ~ A+
Of course.

Progress Report on Clinical Field Study of Mortal Subjects

ORTHP: Sports Medicine
~ A +
Mortal A) Demonstrates sound theory and physical application of wilderness ambulation.

Mortal B) Needs Improvement:


Expresses healthy sense of humor and imagination via multi-media efforts.

1. "Family Portrait"

2. "Mobile Home"

3. "Private Joke"

4. "Mustard Gone Wrong"

ENGL: Reading/Literacy ~ A +

Creative writing extends well beyond grade-level. Mechanics, context, expression and comprehension clearly mastered. Interpretation miraculously and abundantly transposed to overt physical manifestation; "poetry in motion" as it were. Literacy levels exceed expectations and indeed, human comprehension.

PSYCH: Honors Behavioral Science ~ A ++
* Highest Achievement Award
Generosity, pure love and social benevolence beyond description; provides a spectacularly appointed environment explicitly for the happy individual development and pleasure of all living organisms.

*photos courtesy of dctanner/Spring Break 2009


Cynthia said...

That's a pretty darned good report card! Looks like you had a great trip. . . and just the two of you - nice.

Anonymous said...

Those are some fabulous pictures!! Where do you get all of your wonderful art?

Yaj said...

Well, I agree with all the grades! Once on a flight we had to divert way around a huge thunderstorm with lightening sparking out in every direction. I was on the side of the plane that could see the lightening display. The whole plane was quiet just watching the show. I kept saying, "Author! Author!"

It was a terrific experience! Thanks for your photo journal experience of the same Author, from a different point of view.

CaliZona said...

Great mental imagery, yaj. I was totally there.

David's dad was in the USAF during WWII and used to fly in those giant weather planes straight into the eye of hurricanes to acquire readings. He said the lightning would hit the plane hundreds of times and send dancing fingers of lightning in every direction over the body and wings the entire time.

Then David told me of a trans-continental fight he was on from PA back to AZ where (above the cloud canopy) they all watched an enormous storm on the night horizon over OK. Women were clutching each other in terror at the sight, even though everyone was aware it was a cloud bank many miles away.

My family teases me, but I truly love a christian rock song (popular about 7 years ago) with a really powerful chorus:
"Our God, is an Awesome God -
He reigns from heaven above
With wisdom, power and love -
Our God is an Awesome God!"


Yaj said...
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Yaj said...

Sorry, I had to delete this comment. When it printed, a bunch of letters did not come through!

Take two:

That song is the one they play around here when they advertise a Christian dvd on TV. It's a collection of those types of songs. The commercial is a bit weird.

Me, no cd's - I just quietly pay my tithing. I like proving His awesomeness...

Yaj said...

Much better...